1) Web App Development

Majestic Consultants Services has extensive software development experience and many projects. Full-stack software services company that undertakes end-to-end web application development projects for any organization and provides exceptional value.

We are experts in every aspect of web application development, including frontend development and backend coding.

Every stage of the application development cycle incorporates next-generation user experience strategy, design, and activities. This ensures that the end-user’s needs are at the center of all aspects.

Our technology expertise is entered on.NET and Java, PHP, Python. Django Framework, HTML5, WordPress. AngularJS. ReactJS. ExpressJS. NodeJS. SQL Server. MySQL.

We use the best web development tools and technologies available to help you stay ahead of your competitors while maintaining speed and scalability.

Bespoke Application Development

We create custom, flexible, and scalable enterprise-level solutions. We provide a complete service offering, including implementation, deployment, migration, and integration, to meet your business requirements.

API Development and Integration

We can create custom web services and APIs to integrate your system into any software.

Platform Migration 

We assist organizations in moving their legacy systems to mobile-ready, web-based application solutions.

Responsive web apps 

We have years of experience in creating responsive front ends that are device-agnostic using the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.

2)Data Assurance Service

End to End data testing services that cover the full range of data journeys –

Data Acquisition, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Analytics, Data Visualization.

Companies are always using data-driven strategies to improve their business models and processes. However, the quality of data gathered from a variety and dispersed sources is always at possibility of being mishandled or misrepresented due a myriad of reasons. Accurate Data is vital to ensure that you have control over the outcomes in business-related decisions.

Data Assurance is one of our main offerings, supported by our years of experience with clients from a variety of domains. Majestic Consultants Services Data Assurance Services enables companies to gain access to high-quality data by utilizing a range of solutions, which result in improvement in operations and better business decision-making.

Our Capabilities

Data Lake / Data Warehouse Testing

Validation will be conducted to make sure that all suitable data from sources systems have been extracted, transformed, and loaded into every layer. The data will be appropriate for the purpose.

The Validation of Data for Application Modernization and Cloud Transformation

Validation of all aspects of data in all cloud transformation or application modernization initiatives, whether it’s rehosting or re-platforming, or refactoring, to ensure that the data is complete.

Validation of data for Advanced Analytics

The efficiency of analytical models is based upon the high quality the data used to build the model in training as well as in the production pipelines of MLOps (Machine Learning Operations). Therefore, our solution is aimed to improve the quality of data for model development.

Reports, BI, Data Visualization Testing

Validate business intelligence reports to ensure consistency of data, appearance, and performance.

Data Validation for App / Infrastructure Upgrade

Validate the models of data or data during an upgrade of the legacy infrastructure or version to a brand-new infrastructure or an updated version of the software application.

3)Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Service is an all-in-one solution to your issues. Our account managers who are exclusive to each brand will investigate pertinent affiliates who can assist in the promotion of your brand and thus increase sales.

Our Services

Majestic Consultants Services provides a variety of services. As technology advances of social and digital media and the development of new marketing techniques, innovative strategies are being developed to increase the size of company’s revenue and get an immediate response from the client.

No Customer Support

Businesses and individual vendors who offer services or products must communicate with their customers and ensure that they are happy with the product they bought.

ROI Strategically Oriented Strategy             

Our approach is clear and transparent we will provide you with an extensive chain of affiliates that will allow your business to grow.

Easier to Convert lead.

It is easy to bring new excitement to your site. It means that you don’t need to rely on your existing customers, and you are able to increase your market reach.

Great Organic Reach

We are fully responsible for the creation of, implementation, and management of affiliate marketing program to increasing both traffic and reach.

Passive Income

By investing the initial sum on the right campaign for your product investing the initial amount, you will be getting a continuous income over time. Affiliate marketing provides you with the opportunity to earn money while you rest.

Affiliate Growth Strategy

Find the perfect collaboration that fits your industry or product and your goals.

4)Functional QA Services

Ensuring that functionality remains in place given the massive levels of interaction between modern micro services and API-first apps.

Because of the ever-changing expectations and demands of the end users, the risk of introducing a brand-new application or software with no quality assurance is greater than ever. Finding independently owned QA and testing companies that are not influenced by development team is crucial for ensuring the success of a product that is high quality.

We rate this at Majestic Consultants Services and, since we are an independent testing software service provider, we can report on it. Our aim is to evaluate the functional component’s performance quality. In the case of testing the functional aspects of GUI, database, and regression testing, we employ the framework-based method.

We offer some of the most important differentiators on the market, including our experience in domain-specific independent testing.


Our team has extensive experience in the automation of functional testing using top quality testing and assurance tools. We can assist you in using these tools to increase the ROI.

API Testing

Automation of API Validation Testing aids in DevOps practice, which is the preferred method of software development to ensure faster times to commercialization.

UAT Testing

We mimic real-world situations through the point of view of the user. One of the most important aspects in our testing suite that’s worth to mention includes the UX testing. We also recommend good to feature.

Integration Testing

We make sure that every module is working in harmony with the other modules and doesn’t introduce bugs to the system.

Regression Testing

We can identify bugs that result from fixing other bugs through regression testing.

Mobile Testing

Testing functionality, compatibility and security of mobile phones, mobile apps using various OS versions, brands, and Resolutions. Our wide selection of mobile devices and virtual devices and devices tested for compatibility testing helps us stand out on the marketplace.

Agile Testing

Get your business moving Meet the required standards of quality and deliver seamless customer service.